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eishinsnsayshin July 15, 2011 10:34

Project Edges In New Ansa
I'm trying to fix a bunch of FE elements in ANSA 13.1.3. I'm running across a problem where 2 faces are almost parrallel, slightly offset, and very close together which I believe will eventually lead to volume mesh issues. My solution would be to project one of the edges onto the other and chop off the excess. A coworker has told me that in ANSA 13.0 there is a function called Mesh>Shell Mesh>Util>Project Edges that he would use to fix the problem.

Does anyone know the equivalent to this function in ANSA 13.1 (or another function that might work...I understand it's hard to visualize what I'm dealing with)?

vangelis July 18, 2011 10:39

Hi there,

If you are working on Geometry mesh (Faces)
then maybe you could use the function
Select one side and confirm and the opposite side and confirm. Then set a virtual translation vector and the distance (should set more than actual distance) and confirm. See section 8.23 of ANSA User Guide.

If you are working on FE-mod mesh (dead mesh without underlying geometry) then the function to use is

and then probable a

Hope this helps


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