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MuhammadK April 18, 2012 06:53

Help needed. Add Frozen doesn't work?
Hi everyone!

I'm struggling to get a perfect mesh for my simulation, which is simulating flow around a square building inside a wind tunnel,using CFX.

This is my model:
-it's basically a box within a box.
-The small box (the building), I used add frozen
- While the big box, I used add material
I expected Ansys meshing to exclude the interior part of the building, and only mesh the surrounding. But as shown in the photo below, its meshes everything.

I had also turned on inflation, I am planning to put inflation ini the surrounding of the building later.

Can anyone point out what went wrong?

Cheers! :)

diamondx April 18, 2012 08:22

because you mentioned add frozen for the small box, not sure how. anyway here is what i would have done:
Draw you building first.
Add the big box by drawing a square and extruding it. there you will select add frozen (while drawing the big box).then you will have to do a Boolean operation to subtract the small building
You can split you geometry for symmetry if you want less computational time and less time for mesh generation.
Can you attach your project ?

MuhammadK April 18, 2012 08:45

Hi Ali

Thanks for your response
What I have done is, I have created two boxes using the create>primitives>box
and arranging its positions by redefining their xyz coordinates.
I have uploaded the file for you here


diamondx April 18, 2012 09:02

1 Attachment(s)
as i expected boolean operation is missing. go to create > boolean > select big box for target and small box for tool.

MuhammadK April 18, 2012 17:39

Got it. Thanks mate


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