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despaired student April 18, 2012 09:23

How to connect 2 cylinders that are perpendicular to eachother
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my questions here are connected to a topic discussed earlier -

From the above discussion I received a good 2-D mesh of the top of the large cylinder which can be extruded by 70 (less (40, 35, 5, etc) didn't work satisfyingly, don't know why?). Now I need to mesh the in- and outletpipes and connect them to the existing mesh.

Meshing a pipe respectivly a cylinder isn't a problem any more... but what is a problem is the connection to the existing mesh.
How do I do this? Can I put an O-Grid through the pipes + the large cylinder when there are several smaller cylinders (solid) crossing the way of the O-Grid?
If this is the way how must it be done?
The pipes I need to connect are the parts: Inlet, Inlet_pipe plus Outlet, Outlet_pipe

When the mesh is finished I want to use OpenFoam for calculation.

Best regards

despaired student April 18, 2012 09:30

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The .blk file is too big to attach it but you can use the .blk - file here attached. Use creat block>>2D to 3D>> Method: translate -> Z-direction: 70.

Before doing this I had to dissociate all edges and vertices. Then translate, activate the following parts: INNER_CYL, OUTER_CYL, all of the membrane circles (1-4), FLUID, TOP_SURFACE.

Then click Blocking>>Associate>>update association (enable: Edges, Vertices).

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