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msormania April 27, 2012 02:01

Very thin plate (0.1mm) ICEM CFD bad meshing
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Height of the thin water layer is 0.1mm and diameter of the thin water layer is 490mm.

For tansient hydrodynamic analysis, height should have at least 5 layers.
I tried to apply 5 points for the height edge but, it is making bad meshes.
If I use 2 layers, it is 100% quality by determinant 2*2*2.

After going over 3 layers, it is generating bad meshes around outside boundaries. For better understanding, I attached the snapshot of bad meshes and stp file.
Can you rename water_zone_tin.c to water_zone_tin.tin?
Can you rename water_zone.c to water_zone.stp after download in order to import geometry?

How can I improve the mesh quality?
Aspect ratio is very bad.

I appreciate sincere help in advance.


FSB April 30, 2012 07:45

Go to menu "settings" and select "model".
In both fields "Topo Tolerance" and "Triangualtion Tolerance" enter: 1E-40.
Save project and remesh, it should work :D .

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