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Craig April 27, 2012 07:57

Simple question.... :) Export ICEM mesh to Workbench
Ok, I'm sure this has been answered here before, but I just can't find an answer I understand/can follow in a thread.

Anyway, I've made a mesh in ICEM, but I only know how to run the simulation/look at the results etc in Ansys Workbench CFX.

Can anyone explain exactly how I can export my ICEM mesh file into the 'Meshing' tab of the workbench CFX module?

I've tried the 'Export Mesh --> To ANSYS' menu option, but it doesn't seem to produce a file that Workbench will read...

Many many thanks!

Gweher April 27, 2012 08:34

In ICEM under >output tab >solver setup - set the output solver to CFX and then save your mesh. In the WB just add a CFX “box”, double click on >configuration, inside CFX-pre right click on >mesh >import mesh and select your mesh input file.

Craig April 27, 2012 09:01

Brilliant thanks very much :)

My only problem now is that I can't set up my boundary conditions...

When I previously made meshes in the 'Meshing' tool and went into CFX-Pre I was able to select individual faces for creating inlet/outlet boundaries. However now it gives me a short list of items titled 'Primitive 2D XX', with the XX being one or two letters.

I'm trying to model a bluff body, so I used DesignModeller to do a boolean operation on a box I drew around my part. Now I want the front face of the box to be the inlet boundary, and the rear face the outlet. I've managed this before with the mesh from Meshing, but I can't work out what to do here...

Thanks! :)

Gweher April 27, 2012 17:49

For the BC the best way is to create specific surfaces, so right click on >part >create part then just select your surfaces (like inlet face and call it Inlet). Then hit the >output tab second one >BC and then just specify your BC (under surface you will have let’s say the Inlet and Outlet, and assign the BC type you like). This should automatically update in your CFX-pre when importing the mesh.

Have fun ;)

codder April 4, 2014 19:25

@ Gweher

-- just to say a big thanks, because documentation of export 2d geometry (in my case tet) is not readily available. :)

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