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Pouya April 29, 2012 08:31

Import structured mesh in workbench

I try to solve a FSI problem & I need to import structured mesh (.cdb extension) in workbench 12.1! Is it possible to use FE Modeler to create appropriate geometry and mesh files? How can I use this structured mesh in "model" cell of a transient structural system?

Thanks in advance!

belinger May 24, 2012 01:58

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Hello Pouya

I am using ANSYS 14.0. Here, the FE Modeler is connected
to the "model" cell as shown in the attachement.

Geometry and mesh are generated by right-clicking on the
"model" cell in the FE modeler system and then browse to
the .cdb, next use the manage input meshes to generate
bodies (by element type for example) and finally update the

In the "setup" cell of the fluid system you have to load the
.cdb seperately and disable the solid structure in the mesh

Best Regards,

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