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jwillie2000 May 4, 2012 11:10

How to include an internal surface in fluid vol
Hi All,

I have a case where i have to model a heat exchanger geo. The fins are in a channel and through this channel air is flowing. The air is the fluid that i want to model as it flows through this channel but i want the fins to be included in the fluid simulation with walls boundaries assigned to them. My problem is that when i use the "fill" option i am able to extract the fluid volume and i can also mesh it (both fluid and fins) but when i import it into fluent only the fluid seems to be appearing. The fins or the surfaces defining the fins do not appear. I remember that in ICEM CFD, one can include an internal surface within a fluid volume. Any idea how to work around this problem?

In my DesignModeler, the fins are appearing as "Surface bodies" and the channels as "Solids"



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