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KES May 12, 2012 07:17

CFD on Car surface model
Hello All,

I was used to easily convert the surface body to solid with SpaceClaim. Then extract the volume for the fluid.
I just realised this technique does not work for complex models, the boolean operation to extract the volume fails all the times.

Do you know if I can use a different technique?
Do I probably need a particular meshing software?

Thanks :confused:

PSYMN May 14, 2012 20:01

ICEM CFD doesn't care about solids... You can just import the parts and go from there...

ANSYS meshing usually cares about solids, but the one exception is "Assembly meshing" (The name is confusing, it really means "around and thru the assembly meshing").

Its setup is different from the rest of ANSYS Meshing, starting with the fact that you don't need to select a body to apply it to.

Look for tutorials on "Cutcel" or "Assembly meshing".

KES May 15, 2012 16:58

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I did it with ICEM.
Thank you!

I attached the Tutorial I used.

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