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siw May 19, 2012 14:05

Segmentation Violation crashing ICEM

I'm making a very simple hybrid mesh (I've already made the multiblock structured mesh for comparions purposes) of a fluid volume around a cube in a larger 3-D rectangular box.

I've made the geometry in ICEM, set up the ORFN and LIVE volumes, run Build Topo, assigned PARTS and surface mesh sizings - all the usual stuff:rolleyes:. But when I run the Octree mesher it gets nearly to the end and a dialogue box appears saying "Segmentation Violation" and I click on OK (only option there is) and it closes ICEM down.

I've tried this a few times now in both my Academic and Commerical versions but it always does the same crash. What is Segmentation Violation and how can this be fixed? I've made much more comlex and larger hyrid meshes before but not had this issue.

As usual the ICEM User Guide is of no assistance as it does not contain a Troubleshooting section.

I need this one solved folks. Thanks.

yuhai May 19, 2012 18:57

I dont know, but maybe you can try on another computer? or check memory with Memtest86+

Far May 25, 2012 02:33

Either reinstall ICEM or rename the file name

MDB February 10, 2014 07:52

Avoiding segmentation violation
Hi all,

I have come across this same problem, and identified that my problems were coming from the smallest gaps in my geometry. If the grid sizes are not set "properly" ICEM will struggle to allocate cell points within the LIVE region and will show the segmentation violation error. Remeshing with all tetra elements should work if all parameters are correct, narrowing potential sources of errors. If it still crashes you might want to enable the Curvature/Proximity Based Refinement under Global Mesh Setup.

Hope this helps,


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