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EphemeralMemory May 29, 2012 15:27

Importing Cylinders by Point Data Input with Radii
Hello, thank you for reading this,

Something I have tried in the past is the importing of point and connectivity data into Ansys using the Formatted Point Input. I can successively import the points easily, but I was wondering if I can progamatically import cylinders using a similar approach. I am doing this in ANSYS ICEM CFD at the moment.

I have the beginning point, end point and radii for each segment. When I imported point data before, I built cylinders completely manually, but the tree I have this time is made up of hundreds to thousands of segments, so it would be a lot easier if I could programatically bring them in.

I understand this is possible using a TCL script. How would I look into writing one, and where would I execute the script?

Thanks for your help!

PSYMN May 31, 2012 09:56

ICEM CFD Scripting
Go to File => Replay Scripts => Replay control and record the steps you want to script... So go into point creation, create your points, then go into surface creation and create cylinders from those points...

Looking at your replay script, you will see the command for each of those operations. For more details about the structure of each command, go to Help => Programmers guide and look them up.

Then you can create a replay script using these commands and other tcl logic (some other help is given in the programmers guide) to setup loops, if statements, etc.

You can run the script a variety of ways, including in batch.

To run it in batch, run icemcfd -batch scriptname.rpl

It would be cool if you could post your final script here so people could learn from your experience.

EphemeralMemory May 31, 2012 13:34

Thank you very much, will take a look in to this!

You are my favorite PSYMN for today.

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