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CFD-1987 June 3, 2012 17:40

ICEM CFD script
Hi to everyone,
I am doing my thesis project related to shape optimisation and i have to write a script in ICEM CFD so that i will not have to generate new meshes for the optimised geometry. Does anyone know where can i find some information or any tutorials about how writing a script in ICEM???

Thank you

Far June 3, 2012 19:07

You can create your own script by turning on the recording for the commands you are applying.

PSYMN June 4, 2012 09:07

Other threads that may help in a more general "how to get started way"...

A search in CFD Online for "Replay" or "Programmers" or "Scripting" in the ANSYS Meshing area will find you a bunch more...

Best regards,


CFD-1987 June 5, 2012 07:56

Thank you PSYMN! :)

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