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diamondx June 14, 2012 17:37

i could merge. i updated the project in dropbox it should be synchronized depending on your internet speed file name is "scaloped flipper_byali"

Ananthakrishnan June 14, 2012 17:51

I tried the same but i got lot of errors.. :( ..Pleaseeee tell me the procedure you followed with values...

Ananthakrishnan June 14, 2012 17:55

I am really sorry..In that project i didnt convert structured mesh to unstructured. I directly used the structured mesh to create unstructured tetra mesh.
Please delete the mesh and convert the pre mesh to unstructured before creating the tetra mesh..
Sorry again...
I think the files got corrupted. If required pls use this

mackr July 5, 2012 12:23

sorry for posting here, but I have similiar problems with mesh merging. Maybe you can help?
Whenever I make hex mesh, then convert it to unstructered, then i want to make tetra mesh for different part (I set create mesh for only visible parts, and use exisiting mesh from parts with hex unstructered mesh) hex mesh disaapears. Am I doing something wrong?

diamondx July 5, 2012 12:49

i think when you create your mesh, it re meshes everything like a resetting. What i do is separate the parts by surfaces so i don't lose anything. then that surface will be used for merging.

mackr July 6, 2012 04:15

Yes, these regions are seperated by internal wall. But i think I've managed to do this. After using hexa mesh to create tetra on difeerent region, i just convert pre-mesh to unstructured mesh again, and click 'merge' when icem asks me what to do.
Thanks for your help anyway :)

Ananthakrishnan July 7, 2012 04:15

1. The merge which icem proposes is not the "merge" which was meant in this thread.
2. what you did was just to create "non conformal mesh" ie mesh nodes are not connected at the interface.they are kind of hanging.
3. after you convert the structured mesh you must be having both the meshes. So to have conformal meshes (ie to join the nodes) go to edit mesh and merge nodes.

Ananthakrishnan July 7, 2012 04:15

Just a small note.. I just found out that, if you use fluent you dont have to merge the meshes. Fluent takes care of non conformal meshes as well.
You just have to define the "interface" in "mesh interfaces" in fluent and it will run normally. Even the size of the structured and unstructured elements at the interface does not matter..

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