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Jenny_W June 7, 2012 18:07

Meshing Part with Open Surface in ICEM
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Hi Everyone,
I create a combustor geometry with a vaporiser tube in ICEM. The tube has one open surface to allow for the injection.

I use tetra mesh type. It looks fine with the shell mesh but after the volume mesh is computed, the shell mesh disspear. The volume mesh goes through my tube surfaces (as shown in the picture). When I import the mesh into FLUENT, the whole vaporiser disppears.

Unless I close all tube shells which is not what I want, ICEM does not regconise my tube as surface and treates it as fluid. If anyone has any ideas on what may have gone wrong, give me some suggestions, please.

Thank you very much.

BrolY June 8, 2012 04:14

Define the tube vaporizer as an internal wall.

Far June 8, 2012 04:30

I have recorded the youtube video on similar problem (internal wall in the fluid domain) for ICEM CFD. You can find it here (click first search result)

large cylinder with small cylinder and internal wall icem

Jenny_W June 8, 2012 15:22

Hi BrolY and Far,
Thank you very much for your suggestions. I can now mesh the geometry successfully. And Far your youtube video is amazing and easy to follow. Thanks again!

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