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Kwiaci June 9, 2012 15:45

Line/curve meshing
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I have following problem:
In the atachement there is simple geometry consisting of two lines and one curve. I need to mesh the bottom line and upper curve in such way that I will get vertical lines connecting corresponding points.

How can I do it in Gambit?

-mAx- June 11, 2012 01:08

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You will have skewed cells where the curve is normal to bottom edge.
But if you really want this, then check User Guide at section "3.3.4 Set Face Vertex Type"
But you will have problem since you have 11 nodes at bottom edge, and 17 nodes on upper curve
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Kwiaci June 11, 2012 14:06

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Eventually, I have managed to get mesh like in the attachment - it's not exactly what I wanted but quite close. And you are right - there are problems on the left side of the curve.
Perfect mesh qould be similar to this in Fluent VOF tutorial:

-mAx- June 12, 2012 01:34

the difference with the tutorial is that in your case, the curve is starting tangential to the left edge. (in the tutorial the curve isn't ending tangential to the right edge)
In your case you can choose another mesh schema: Quad Tri-primitive

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