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giorgos June 12, 2012 11:57

conjugate heat transfer

I need to model a simple 2d geometry for a conjugate heat transfer problem in ICEM, for solving it in FLUENT. I am not experienced so I encounter some difficulties and no tutorial seems to be similar enough to help me.

Lets say that I want to model the 2d problem of the cross-section of a tube. Therefore my 2d geometry is comprised by three rectangles. One relatively thick rectangle where the fluid flows and two rectangles aside of it, which represent the tube (relatively thin in comparison with the fluid region but not thin enough to be model with lumped heat capacity, Biot>10).

My problem is that when I import it in FLUENT, in the Cell zone conditions I get only the fluid and not the solid (though I get the shadow on the wall, at the boco section). What could be wrong and what is a suitable blocking strategy for this case.

I would be grateful for any help.

have a nice day/evening

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