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r.sirait June 12, 2012 23:04

Mesh inside computer box
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Greeting everybody,
I have task to compute temperature distribution inside a computer box,
I already made the geometry (I attach it in this post).
What is the best way to mesh the geometry? Since the space heat sink fan is too small, I afraid my computer's memory won't enough


Far June 12, 2012 23:40

use ANSYS ICEPAK specially designed for these type of simulations

r.sirait June 12, 2012 23:56

Yes Sir I also learn to use Icempak now, and the problem is I already tried to mesh the geometri with conventional way, but then gambit says "error, out of memory", because the geometri is to small compare to the whole computer box
One of my friend suggest that i must make another simulation for the heat sink fan only, to find the heat transfer coeff of the heat sink fan,
Then put simpler geometri to the computer box and use the heat transfer coeff of hsf for the simulation, how it sounds?
Is there any other suggestion?

-mAx- June 13, 2012 01:08

you get "out of memory" because you are trying to mesh your domain on the fly (in one shot).
Since your geometry has small gaps, the mesh has to be fine overthere and then your mesh will ask lots of memory.
But if you decompose (split) your geometry, you will mesh sub-volumes, which will ask less memory

Far June 13, 2012 01:50


Flexible, Automatic Meshing
ANSYS Icepak software contains advanced meshing algorithms to automatically generate high-quality meshes that represent the true shape of electronic components. Options include hex-dominant, unstructured hexahedral and Cartesian meshing, which enable automatic generation of body-fitted meshes with minimal user intervention. The mesh density can be localized through nonconformal interfaces, which allows inclusion of a variety of component scales within the same electronics cooling model.

While fully automated, ANSYS Icepak contains many mesh controls that allow customization of the meshing parameters to refine the mesh and optimize the trade-off between computational cost and solution accuracy. This meshing flexibility results in the fastest solution times possible without compromising accuracy.

Icepak contains the automatic meshing algorithms. It basically links design modeller, ansys meshing and Fluent


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