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siw June 16, 2012 08:08

Blocking topology for a missile

Can anyone help with suggesting a good Hexa blocking topology for a transonic CFD (ANSYS CFX) simulation around a missile? The nearest tutorial I can find as a guide is of the half wing-body in the ICEM v11.0 tutoral guide (I'm using ICEM v14 but there are very few tutorials of any use).

Some things to mention about the simulation/mesh:

1. The boundary layer needs to be resolved with a y+ <= 1.
2. The freestream is transonic so the farfield domain needs to extend far way in all directions.
3. The fins:
3.1 Are at 45 deg 'X' orientation
3.2 Have an aerofol cross-section with a small blunt trailing edge (not knife-sharp leading and trailing edges).
3.3 Are have a leading and trailing edge rearwards sweep angle (as you would expect).
4. The suspension lugs are included in the model and must be captured by the mesh.
5. I need to model the entire missile and not use a symmetry plane.
6. Only simulations at 0 deg angle of attack is to be done.

I cannot post images of the geometry.


Far June 19, 2012 08:30

I posted some files and images of the generic missile with fines. Search on forum.

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