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premchandpendota June 17, 2012 02:54

volume mesh leaking out of the surface, in a multi zone problem
Hi everyone

I am starting a thread for the first time and i am an ameteur when it comes to ICEM CFD.

The problem that i have at hand is, conjugate analysis of turbine blade, and have to mesh different zones in the domain. I have started with blocking but it seems like a hectic task to block all the protrusions and holes in the geometry, so moved to tetra meshing. Initially i had problem with holes in the geometry but now i think i have cleared them (as all i could see are only red lines after build topology).

when iam meshing a particular zone, the surface mesh is ok but the volume mesh in that zone is leaking out and not in one point but completely around the surface.

can somebody help me solve the problem?

eakpink July 30, 2012 03:38

i am also having the same problem

but my domain is temperature reduction valve

the problem is "There is a leak in the mesh"
There is a leak in the mesh
material ORFN/-1 can reach material fluid.1

thanks in ADVANCE

Ananthakrishnan July 30, 2012 12:00

did you guys create the "body" ??!!!

premchandpendota July 30, 2012 13:53

Got fixed.!

I have changed the format in which am importing the geometry. Previously i have used the IGES format. After strenuous efforts with the geometry repair, i have tried importing in Parasolid format and it worked. Now I dont have any leakage in the mesh.

Try importing in Parasolid format.


Prem Chand

Ananthakrishnan July 30, 2012 13:56

but IGES format should not cause any problem because i have been working on it...

eakpink July 31, 2012 01:34

thanx guys for all ur reply

but the thing is i am importing in Parasolid format only, i am getting some surface
got away and i got empty surface

what should i do

thankx in advance

eakpink July 31, 2012 01:36


Originally Posted by Ananthakrishnan (Post 374373)
did you guys create the "body" ??!!!

thankx for ur reply

i created body after importing,also i created more than one material point for the
same region.

is that right?

thanx in ADVANCE

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