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Benrode June 17, 2012 14:13

Meshing a skewed object at low solidity
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1)I am trying to mesh a windmill blade, with low solidity(i.e. spacing smaller than the width of the chord. ) at a pitch angle of about 22. The trailing edge is skewed I realise using blocking for the mesh will not represent the fluid at the trailing edge very well.The mesh also has to be periodic at the top and bottom boundaries. I have a sample of the preliminary mesh attached. Can anyone advise on the best approach to this.
Thank you

hadikhayyamian June 17, 2012 18:00

I recommend to use an O-grod around the blade, this causes to mange the leading and trailing edge more precisely.
see this for example

Benrode June 17, 2012 21:46

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Thanks, I actually used o-grid when I had high solidity or when the airfoil was treated as an isolated one. There was no problem generating the mesh and capturing the flow. However, when the spacing becomes smaller and it is at a pitch angle other than zero it became difficult to use o-grid.Find attached the a surface mesh of the problem, the only thing in this case is i could not get periodicity.

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