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Benrode June 17, 2012 14:30

Translating points in ICEM and loosing accuracy
What can I do? When I translate a point in ICEM I normally get approximated value when taking the measurement instead of the exact value translated. (example translating two points to a 98mm distance, after the translation when I take the measurement I can get 98.00004567 for one and the other 97.999999546. This eventually gives me problem when I am imposing periodic boundary conditions on my boundaries since they do not have the same value.
Thank you

BrolY June 18, 2012 04:03

This is due to the tolerance of your model.

Anyway, what should be the size of your smallest mesh elements ? That's what really matters.
Because the difference between your 2 points is about 5.10^(-8) m. So if you smallest mesh elements is around 1.10^(-4) m, the mesher wouldn't "see" the gap between your 2 elements.

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