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tmeysam92 June 23, 2012 12:17

what is wrong with the mesh?
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Hi All,

I am meshing an cylinder(with thickness) in ansys meshing, and i want to use icem cfd.

i want to work on fluid structure interaction, so i have to mesh the solid and fluid part(two bodies),

but the problem is when i use multizone in meshing method and using icme cfd, it first mesh the cylinder part(solid) then the fluid part(inside the cylinder).

but the mesh in annual is not ok.

what should i do?(please see the attachments)

why are there lines inside the cylinder?

diamondx June 23, 2012 12:55

did you associate the edges of the inner block ? would you mind sharing your project ? do you have surfaces there ?

tmeysam92 June 23, 2012 13:34

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thanks for reply

attached the geometry pic.

as you see in the picture, i want to mesh both bodies, but hexahedral mesh.

so i have have to use icem.

first it mesh the solid part, then fluid part.

but the solid part mesh, is not good.

i create a block, then associate it to the outer radius.

this mesh is just about solid part

tmeysam92 June 23, 2012 14:05

the problem is that, it have two bodies, so i do not now how to import that from the ansys meshing to icem cfd?

i mean interactive icem cfd.

diamondx June 23, 2012 18:03

in icem cfd, when your create your block your will assign a part for them , the part name is gonna be the boby. nothing extraordinary, just do your meshing and blocking you will name the part later with the bodies you want

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