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siw June 24, 2012 07:21

O-Grid in a 2D sudden constriction channel
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I've uploaded the *.tin and *.blk files of a 2D geometry of a pipe with a constriction. I've made the blocking but I need to put an O-grid along all on the pipe and orifice walls to capture the boundary layer.

But I don't seem to be able to correctly define the O-grid. Which blocks and edges am I supposed to select?


diamondx June 24, 2012 08:30

you don't need and ogrid there, just play with the edge sizing to better capture boundary layer.

Far June 24, 2012 08:34

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Add to dimondx Comments: or just add two splits on upper and lower side. It will have the same effect.

Also used the ogrid and selcted the two vertical edges on two edge and files are attached.

siw June 25, 2012 10:44

I thought using an O-grid would give me more flexibility than using a split. Since I don't know how to change the height of a split after it has been made - so thought an O-grid with all it's option would be more flexible.

Far, can you tell me which blocks and edges to selected to make those O-grids? Still trying to wrap my head (an endless task:mad:) around this whole blocking stuff.


Far June 25, 2012 14:17

After selecting all block, I select the vertical edges on the two sides (right and left)

siw June 25, 2012 14:57

Far, thanks for the help.

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