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tmeysam92 June 25, 2012 09:42

hexa meshing
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Hi all,

I have a simple question

I attached two pictures.

I want to mesh the cylinder in ICME like the quarter of cylinder meshing that i made in ansys meshing (sweep method).

i mean i do not have the center block in the center of cylinder, just like the quarter part, just radial meshing.

is it possible????/

thanks in advance,


diamondx June 25, 2012 10:30

yes it's possible. you will then not use an o-grid.when you perform your initial block, merge to vertices to make it like a triangle then transform the block to an y-grid. it's much suitable for this situation. may be there is another blocking strategy , this one is the only i've got in mind now.

tmeysam92 June 25, 2012 12:59

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Hi diamondx,

thanks a lot for reply

i did not understand.

i am just learning icem.

what kind of merge of vertices do you mean.

could you please look at the picture and tell me which kind of of merging do you mean?

Far June 25, 2012 14:15

First option. Also make the appropriate geometry

@ 7:44

tmeysam92 June 26, 2012 09:44

Hi Far,

i could not solve my problem.

could you please mesh the cylinder in the same way that i said?

i really need that.

thanks in advance

Far June 26, 2012 12:30

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For this, I used quarter o-grid instead of Y-block. But mesh/blocking will be same with both methods.

tmeysam92 June 26, 2012 13:01


Originally Posted by Far (Post 368405)
For this, I used quarter o-grid instead of Y-block. But mesh/blocking will be same with both methods.

so you mean that it is not possible to mesh without the center cubic part.
i want to be all radial mesh.

Far June 26, 2012 13:06

Possible. But in that case you will have the prism elements in the center

tmeysam92 June 26, 2012 13:09

i meshed the quarter of the cylinder in ansys meshing with sweep mesh. did you see the attachment?

i want to mesh cylinder like that. in that attachment there is just a few prism mesh.

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