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djfanf June 28, 2012 14:46

merge 2D domain tetra hexa
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hy everyone,

I try to do an hybrid mesh for the following two part, I started to mesh the part around the circle with a blocking strategy and converted the mesh to an unstructured. After that I gave the surface and curve mesh setup for the "circle part" and create an unstructured tetra mesh, I know there is a function that allowed to merge meshes but only for a 3D mesh, it does not work in my case...

I am quite sure there is also his possibility for a 2D mesh but I don't find it.. Anyone have an idea how to get a smooth transition between my two meshes ? Thanks !

diamondx June 28, 2012 17:12

it should be two regions with the same name. then go to edit mesh - merge meshes and select that region then click on apply

djfanf June 29, 2012 11:38

thanks for your reply but it does not work at all...
I have this message "This function only works with volume meshes"
I think this function is only for 3D mesh Anyone esle have an idea ?

diamondx June 29, 2012 15:36

hmm it's true that i never tried in 2d. can you share your project ?

djfanf July 1, 2012 08:44

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yes I can, no secret project ;-)
here are the files you need, it's a rar compressed file, so juste rename the file extension to .rar and you'll be able to open it !

diamondx July 2, 2012 11:01

i just look at your mesh ! you were right it only works with the volume mesh. As you dont have a big number of elements, i suggest you try merge interactive. What you will do is selecting the nodes individually with your mouse, and you will merge them. i tried in a couples of nodes and it works. did you try it ??

djfanf July 2, 2012 14:19

thanks for your answer ! I 'm just wondering why there is no similar function as merge meshes for 2D geometry...
Well I will try to do it manually like you said or will just do the same in 3D so that I would be able to use this function :-)

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