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siw July 14, 2012 06:13

First curve node being ignored
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I'm trying a few different things in ICEM Tetra-Prism (please don't say something like "do this in Hexa" because for the eventual task I'm trying these features out for has to be done in Tetra-Prism).

In this example I have made a cube. On one surface of the cube I have assigned the 4 curves sizing data (number of nodes, bunching law and bunching factor). I have made sure all 4 cuvres have the same data. Also I have made sure that the opposing cuvres have the same direction.

I have then run the surface mesh on that face of the cube using the Mesh Method = Autoblock option (The global surface mesh parameters are Mesh Type = All Quad and Mesh Method = Patch Dependent). When I compute the surface mesh I only select the geometry for the face and 4 curves of interest.

However, what I have found is that no elements are made using the first node point. The image of one corner of the cube face shows the first horizontal node is not being used (Note that the vertical cuvres start at the bottom of the cube so that's why the last node on the vertical edge is being used).

Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? I would not expect this to happen.


energy382 July 16, 2012 05:11

I had a similar problem with hexa. Have you checked if "topo tolerance" is smaller than the initial high of your first cell?

siw July 17, 2012 02:12


Yes, the Topo Tolerance is 0.0009 (I did not change this) and the height of the first cell is about 0.008. So the Topo Tol is an order of magnitude lower.

What else could it be?:confused:


siw July 20, 2012 10:35

Just an update in case anyone else gets this problem. It's a fault and has been reported to the developers via ANSYS tech support.

The problem only arises if you have a set the Global Scale Factor to 0.125, 0.135, 0.145, etc. If you set to 0.12, 0.13 everything is fine. I was using 0.125 as it used in the Octree power of two sequence and I using Octree and autoblock surface mesh on different features of the same model, intentionally.

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