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alimrad110 July 15, 2012 13:51

Ball Valve Meshing
Hi Every body,

I have been using ICEM for a few months and now I need to mesh a ball valve at 50% opening but I have not been successful yet. The 100% opening was very easy (because essentially it became like a pipe with two steps in the middle as the inlet and outlet of the ball) but at 50% opening it became near impossible for me because of the rotation of the ball and the Gasket it was in.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how to approach this in ICEM or had a similar problem?

Best Regards,

BrolY July 16, 2012 03:55

Post pictures or .tin file, it would be easier to help you !

payampm June 5, 2016 05:00

globe valve icem mesh
plz hellp me.

Far June 6, 2016 13:26

Help in? Please give more details

diamondx June 12, 2016 09:36

Start a new thread for help, this one is very old...

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