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lnk July 19, 2012 14:19

Question about fluid domain dividing

At CFX, when we define a fluid domain we will need to choose the location. At my work, the locations always contain more that I want. I know that's because I extended instead of creating separate blocks when I designed mesh for them. But since my geometry is complex, the work is too large that I really don't want to go back to do them again. May I ask is there anyway to separate them so that I can define the fluid domain as I wish? (If CFX has this function, it's also good.)

And if I divide the mesh too much (means I should've extended blocks but I created them when I generate the mesh for complex geometry), is it okay to choose several locations when I define fluid domain? The nodes at the interface still match with each other. Will there be any difference from what if I extended the block?

Best regards and many thanks,

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