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Rohit July 22, 2012 11:37

Assigning different number of nodes to parallel edges
Hello everyone,

I have developed a geometry in ICEM CFD, whose blocking structure is defined in the pic below.

I have been trying to assign different nodes to the edges A & B (in the fig), but wasn't successful in doing so. On assign the nodes to one of the edge(blocking --> Pre mesh params --> edge params), it gets updated to the other parallel edges. I have tried -
1.) specifying the number of nodes to each and every edge
2.) converting the nature of blocks to free/swept instead of mapped
but the result would be same.

I require that the edges A & C(in the fig) should have the same number of nodes, which would be different from B & D. Can anyone, please guide me on how to pursue with this problem.


flotus1 July 22, 2012 15:45

This is impossible if you want to create a hexahedral mesh.
Opposing edges of a block must have the same number of nodes.

c.osorio.r September 23, 2015 20:35

Hi, flotus1, related to the same question, can be parallel edges in different blocks, dissociated?

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