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Xeder July 25, 2012 07:46

A challenging problem about "convert block type"
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Hi everyone,

the problem i met is quite strange, it is required that in a 3d hexa geometry, in the center should have a a structured-mesh (hexa) core, and this core should be covered with a unstructured-mesh zone, and the whole unstructured-mesh zone should once again covered by a hexa mesh shell.

i tried two ways to reach this requirement but didnīt succeed.

1. divided the whole block into 27 small blocks and convert the center block into a free block, but I have no clue how to dig a hexa mesh core inside this free block.
2. I tried to generate the two "layers" of hexa mesh, and left the unstructured-zone blank, and try to fill the blank section with unstructured-mesh. but didnīt reach it..
if someone have an idea, we can discuss here, thx. :)

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