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macfly July 25, 2012 11:07

Script file : how to reset all, fit window, etc.

In Gambit, I used to work interactively with the Edit/Run window and it was very convenient. I'm learning to work with the Replay control window with Icem CFD and I'm struggling hard to find basic commands. My journal files used to have this structure in Gambit :
- reset all (everything is cleared, just like opening a new Gambit window)
- create geometry...
- zoom to fit window
- mesh
- zone/boundary conditions
- export

Now, in Icem CFD, I can't find commands to
- Reset all (restart from zero, new project)
- Zoom to fit window
- check/uncheck items in the model tree
- and so on, just convenient basic commands.

And it seems that I can't just select script lines in the Replay control window and redo them, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it just works on the 1st run, etc. It's very annoying process to learn (and slow).

Could someone please tell me an efficient routine to work interactively with a script, automatically resetting everything at the beginning of the script when it's relaunched with the 'Do all' button of the Replay control window?


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