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Mohsin July 26, 2012 21:06

Merging two geometries

I have 2 Gambit .dbs files. The first one is a dryer and the second one is a cyclone. Both files are meshed and ready to be used in FLUENT. However, I don't want to use them separately; rather, I want to join them in 1 file and simulate the whole system together.

Could anyone tell me how can I import the geometry in GAMBIT so that I can combine both the dryer and cyclone together.


-mAx- July 27, 2012 02:03

what is the relation between both meshes?
simply glued, or do you have interfaces between both meshes?

Mohsin July 27, 2012 02:11

Good to hear from you again Max,

Both the geometries are joined. In actual case, the dryer is connected with the cyclone. Due to large computational expense, I made 2 separate geometries in GAMBIT. But, now, I got faster computer, so I want to join both the geometries together and simulate the whole system.

Therefore, I want to know how can I import the dbs file into another dbs file. And, then, after getting the 2 geometries, I'll join them together by "align" command.

-mAx- July 27, 2012 02:24

I thought importing 2 meshes without interfaces would generate walls at intersections since geometries aren't connected...
Now for importing one dbs into another gambit session, I don't think you can do it (I am not sure)
What you can do, is importing the mesh into your gambit session
Or STEP import
Check also tmerge in the user guide (fluent)

hhh September 13, 2012 09:32

Gambit Geomentry Problem
3 Attachment(s)
Dear friends,
i am using gambit to draw my 3D wing,i create outer domain, the problem i face is my wing face & domain face are intersect i want to stick my wing face in one of the domain face, For that how i tilt either my wing face or my plane(face) to make a cantilever beam, please see my attached wing( in that red color shows wing face1, I want to stick face 1 to face2 like cantilever beam, then i want subtract my face 2 to face 1, please see the attached various position of image, please help me

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