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Anna Tian July 29, 2012 15:18

Error messgae
Hi everyone,

When I'm outputing the mesh at ICEM, I get error message like this

Running ICEM CFD CFX5 Interface Vers: 14.0.0

Warning: duplicate shell element found: 536& 516
Warning: duplicate shell element found: 536& 516
Wrong element type (el_type=-1)
Error exit in local_face (iel=380)
child process exited abormally

What does that mean?

Ananthakrishnan July 30, 2012 11:57

i think you have created a unstructured mesh. If yes, then you have not "checked" the mesh. If not do not read further because it might not be pertinent to your problem. In this case try to give more info about your mesh..

In case of unstructured mesh there might be certain kind of elements in the mesh which are not compatible with many processors such as CFX and Fluent. Some might handle certain kind of mesh orientations which others do not.
One of this is the duplicate element which is not supported by CFX. So what you need to do is run the option "check mesh" under edit mesh. It will display the possible problematic mesh elements. If its just duplicate elements you can select the mesh part containing the duplicate elements and delete it. If not you have to trouble shoot step by step

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