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zstratto August 3, 2012 19:22

Trying to change tetra volume inflation
Hi, I am working on creating an unstructured tetra mesh and I am having some problems with the volume elements. In particular I am starting with a surface mesh and using Delaunay to fill, but the TET size is inflating very fast away from the surface and I want it to be more gradual (for example, in hexa I would turn down the ratio from 1.2 to 1.05 or something). Can this be done for Delaunay?

I have tried both AF and standard Delaunay, and while AF is better its not good enough. I have also tried playing with the 'spacing scaling factor', but it doesn't seem to have an effect; what is it supposed to do? I have also tried making the surface TRI elements smaller, and while it has an effect, I don't want to make them extremely small.

Thanks for any help!

Far August 4, 2012 07:01

try density box

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