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siw August 9, 2012 03:13

Relevance and Relevance Center

I've some queries about the relevance features in ANSYS Meshing (AM). There are 3 options for the Relevance Center (RC) of Coarse, Medium and Fine and a numerical range for the Relevance (R) of -100 to 100. As I use CFX by default AM sets RC = Coarse and R = 0. So if I want to globally refine a mesh by a factor, of lets say 1.5, as part of a mesh independence study what would be the correct settings for the RC and R? The User Guides do not explain how these work. Also how do they work when compared to the ICEM Global Element Scale Factor (which simply multiples mesh sizings by a factor e.g. 1.5)?

To me it seems strange to have 2 parameters (RC and R) when a single scaling factor would be more sensible and intuitive.

Of course, the other option is to ignore RC and R and change every sizing manually but is more time consuming.


engineer.iman September 3, 2014 23:36

i have the same question, i want to know what is the impact of each of the RC options on my mesh!!! the guide says nothing about that!!!

yahmed June 6, 2016 16:31

I was looking into the same question and I found this document. Slide#9 clarifies a little bit what the difference between relevance center and relevance. I hope this help!

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