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ThomasZiegenhein August 9, 2012 08:50

Subsurfaces inside a meshing pipe
I have a pretty simple question I think. I don’t have many expertise with the Ansys program family, but I’m trying to change that, here my question:
Is it possible in ICEM to subdivide a Domain in a meshing pipe (or block, how it is called in ICEM). Like the Subset option in ICEM, but to define a new domain (e.g. an Inlet Domain) out of the subset.

I tried it with creating a surface-Part in ICEM, but the surfaces not associated to a block, seem not projected to the mesh.

Another idea was to subset the mesh (like in ICEM) in CFX-Pre, but i can't find a possibility like that in CFX-Pre

The problem imaged:

| ______ |
| |_____| |

(the area in the middle should be divided from the big surrounding area, without remeshing)

I hope the question is clear.
I searched the Forum for similar topics, but can’t find anything.


(PS the withespaces in the figure are auto deleted by the forum)

ThomasZiegenhein August 9, 2012 09:04

i found a way in cfx-pre, there is a possibility to pick several surface cells and associate them to a new doamin.

If anyone has a simple way to do that in ICEM, i would be lucky :)

Far August 9, 2012 09:59

if you post your .tin file then we give you exact solution

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