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Ivan August 14, 2012 07:30

Automatic linear interpolation of parameters when splitting blocks

After I create the blocking for my domain and link all the edges with the curves, I split the block (imagine as it was a pipe with a single block) in many blocks (for parallel purposes then). The pipe inlet and outlet are circular, but when I split the block, the new (many) blocks I have created have their edges not associated with any curve, so they are "squares" istead of being circles (affecting the mesh). Actually my domain is a trapezoid, and I have the parameters at the inlet different from those at the outlet. I would like also that those parameters are automatically linearly interpolated on the edges between inlet and outlet (see example below).

Up to now, the way I'm following is the (very boring) one of 1) creating many curves inside the domain, so to associate the "squared" edges to the circular curves one by one; and 2) set manually a linear interpolation edge by edge for both the spacing and the ratio.

Is there a way to quickly by-pass this long procedure and automatically obtain, on one side, "circular edges" and linear interpolated values?

EXAMPLE. I have a circular inlet of radius 1, spacing s1 and ratio r1, a circular outlet of radius 2 with spacing s2 and ratio r2. If I split the block in two blocks at exactly half domain, I would like that the new four edges are automatically set with a spacing and a ratio half way between those at inlet and outlet, and automatically associated to a circle of radius 1.5.

Is that possible? Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you


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