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sreekargomatam August 20, 2012 07:02

Hybrid mesh
Is it possible to create both structured and an unstructured mesh on either side of a surface?

I've been trying for a while and couldn't figure out how to do it.

diamondx August 20, 2012 13:16

please consider this
Hope it can help

yonchong August 21, 2012 15:16

This is the general step.
  1. Create a part and put interfacing surface, line and points into it.
  2. Turn on the parts which will be used for unstructed grid including the interfacing surface and create an unstructured mesh like you normally do but only the visible parts. (e.g. Octree -> Input -> Visible) or you could create all and delete the mesh part you do not want.
  3. Do the blocking like you would normally do for the part you would like to create structed parts of the mesh.
  4. Create a structed mesh (in fact, unstructured mesh but looks structed): Blocking->Pre-Mesh->Convert to Unstruct Mesh.
  5. Select "Merge" for Mesh Already Exists prompt as you want to keep the already the created unstructed mesh.
  6. After creating the "structed" mesh, you will noticed that there are two surface meshes on the interfacing part; ones from the "structed" and unstructed mesh. Use Edit Mesh->Merge Nodes to merge the nodes and the two meshes. By the way, you will have a better chance of success if you have the two interfacing surface meshes in similar density.
That's it! You got two meshes merged together: one is unstructed and the other "structed" mesh.

Hope this will help.

macfly September 1, 2012 20:53

how to merge meshes
Hey yonchong, nice instructions!

How ironic, I struggled the entire last week to find how to do this... and I found the exact same method.

The aim of this post is to put the consecutive words 'merge meshes' into this thread, so search results redirect here.

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