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jayanth1990 August 22, 2012 06:07

geometry import problem
hello everyone im only a beginner in icem cfd

im meshing a model in icem for my project

what happened yesterday is i imported my solid model(.stp file) gave it a domain and just gave it a coarse mesh in icem and the mesh was complete.

but now i am unable 2 open the original geometry without the domain which i worked with
now when i try to import the geometry it says

C:/ANSYS Inc/v130/icemcfd/win64_amd/dif/iges/igestotin" {} "C:/project/Swift.stp" "Swift.tin"
child killed: SIGABRT
Done file Swift.tin.
Tetin file Swift.tin does not exist

how can i solve the problem because i need to work again with the original model and give it a better mesh


diamondx August 22, 2012 08:03

go to the file where you saved your project. double click on the .tin file alone. see if it can be opened...

Ammofreak October 8, 2013 14:25

problem in ansys maybe
The same problem troubled me for some time but I uninstalled the ansys 13.0 changed to ansys 14.5 and the problem disappeared. You can try that too. (I know it is very painful still you should give it a try.)


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