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Pursuor August 29, 2012 12:14

Need urgent help with hybrid mesh generation
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Dear all,

I have been stuck in the hybrid mesh generation for the plane tip film cooling model. As attached, I have a rotor blade with seven plane tip cooling holes (Fig1). At first I tried not to include the plenum inside the blade. However, static pressure BCs at the inlet of cooling holes always diverged. Therefore I think I need this plenum for more stable settings. As you can see in Fig2, the plenum has a cylinder-shaped inlet for coolant which makes it difficult to do blocking. Additionally, the plenum is providing the coolant and not an important part to analyze.

I was wondering how I can mesh the plenum part with good-quality tetra mesh and merge the two parts together. I tried to mesh the plenum volume with tetra and then generate hybrid mesh (other parts were built with hexa). But I always got very poor mesh at the interface which could not be improved with smoothing.

Therefore, could anyone give some guidance or tips about making hybrid mesh for this particular model? If it fails, could anyone please provide me some blocking strategy for plenum? If it is not worth doing that, how can I assembly the rotor blade (hexa) and plenum (tetra) together as a whole part in CFX (because I need to align my rotor right after the stator and the plenum must move with the rotor blade as one part), so that I can use general connection at the interfaces? Thank you guys!!! A lot of appreciations.

By the way, I have to complain that generating mesh for turbomachinery with ICEM is really a disaster for me! As a phd student, I spent nearly all my life generating mesh with ICEM but not focusing on the physics.

yonchong August 29, 2012 16:04

Have a look at this post.

However, if you can match the surface cell density where you are trying to merge the quality of the finished mesh might be better.

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