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macfly August 30, 2012 13:56

Script command for "select all"?
Dear modelers,

Is there a script command in order to select all entities of a given family? e.g., select all points, select all lines, select all surfaces, etc.

Example : I would like to select all visible curves in order to create a new part containing all the curves.

I sweep tons of 2D sufaces in order to create my 3D geometry, therefore I lose track of the vertex names, curves names, surfaces names, etc. After my geometry is done, I want to clean my model and automatically create separate parts containing all vertex, all curves, all surfaces, etc.


stuart23 September 2, 2012 11:37

Hi Françoi,

Try the following:

ic_geo_set_family curve partname all

You can change "curve" to "surface" if you want to put all the surfaces in a part. Also replace "partname" with the name of the part you want to move things to.

Good Luck


macfly September 2, 2012 20:29

Thanks Stuart, in Icem CFD 14.0 the following commands create 3 separate parts with points, curves and surfaces:

ic_geo_set_family point POINTS all rename
ic_geo_set_family curve CURVES all rename
ic_geo_set_family surface SURFACES all rename


stuart23 September 2, 2012 20:56

François, you are correct. I had forgotten to add "rename" to the end

sunilkonatham August 1, 2017 07:41

Select all
Hello all,
In the similar way explained, can you please tell me how can I "select all" to scale them by 5 times for example?

bluebase August 1, 2017 08:06

Hi Sunil,

a function to select all entites of a defined type is:

ic_geo_get_objects entitytype
replace "entitytype" by curve, point, or surface to get a list of all entites of that type.

with regards,

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