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victoryv September 6, 2012 12:27

Room simulation -error-need help
I am modelling a simple case in 3D-A room with multiple stacks in it. The geometry of the room is 5x3x7 and stacks are of 0.5X3X7. The inlet of the air flowing in is at the top with rectangular cross section and outlet is at the bottom of the stacks with mesh like cross section. I have initially drawn the stacks and and the room (as thin object) Later on I used the boolean operation to create the fluid between them( without keeping the tool bodies). I have named the boundaries walls of the room, inlet and outlet. I have 2 problems here

1.When I mesh the fluid using Ansys mesh, it is giving me an error "user input is required before it can be updated"
2, How do I select the faces of the stacks inside the fluid so that I can name them stack walls? I was able to select only the outer (exterior ) faces of the fluid.

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