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bobinson September 7, 2012 05:56

Cube in cube mesh
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Dear experts!
I'm new to ICEM, and according to my task there is an example I wonder how to solve this problem.
There are three cubes one inside other big 1x1x1m3, middle 0.52x0.52x0.52m3 and small 0.24x0.24x0.24m3. Is it possible to create a block structured hexahedral mesh in the whole domain when in the small mesh 5x5x5mm, in the middle 1x1x1cm, and in the big 2x2x2cm?
I tried different ways and nothing works. What is the trick in this case.
File with geometry attached.
Thank you for any answer!!!

diamondx September 7, 2012 08:51

Good morning,
The trick is creating o-grid inside o-grid AND selecting the bottom face each time.
Below is the link to your project :
Have a good day,

Far September 7, 2012 09:34

Your question is not clear. Where you want to mesh (fluid region) and which region should be treated as void (solid) and as wall. show through some pics plz.

bobinson September 7, 2012 15:54

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I attached that as example, in real situation I have a bit more complicated (for me) task.
Thank you diamondx, but trick with O-grid doesn't works, as it has the same amount of cells across each edge and each cell is not orthogonal that is the problem.
In attached tin file there is real geometry for which I have to built the mesh.
The trick is I had to have less then 1M cells in the whole domain.
Fine meshes in pipe, which increasing from 0.6mm up too wall to 2cm in all directions accept vent where approximate cell is 0.3x0.3 mm and propagation inside and outside let's say with ration of 1.2. In walls(solid) 2x2x0.5cm everywhere and outside the cube the coarse mesh accept the region in front of the vent outflow.

Thank you!

stuart23 September 8, 2012 12:19

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I am unsure what sort of meshing you want, so I have attached two blocking files (in the one archive) with different blocking methods. A (first picture) is a nested O-Grid, the same as diamondx. The other (second picture) is a split-and-associate cartesian style mesh. I have not done any of the sizings, this is just to work out what sort of mesh you want.


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