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cfdjunkie September 14, 2012 16:32

heat transfer through a pipe
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Hi everyone,
I am new to using ANSYS and flow simulations. I have a problem which I am working on. It is flow through two pipes with a block placed on the top of the innner pipe with a temperature of 1000K and the heat transfer coefficients for all the surfaces are know. I have to simulate to find out the temperature on the inner surface of the outer pipe (The velocity of the flow is not known). I created a geometry in SOLIDWORKS and meshed it in ICEM CFD (I have attached the picture of the solid model I am talking about). Now I was trying to use Fluent to simulate the flow but I don't know if I can give specific temperatures to blocks and surfaces. Please bear with me and help me out. If you can tell me which software would be the best for this problem and how to give specific properties to blocks and walls after meshing, it would be great.
Please reply as soon as you can.
Thanks in advance.

PSYMN September 15, 2012 21:16

All the surface temperatures are setup in the solver (but part names are setup in the mesher).

The only tricky part is you need to remember to setup the Energy equation... Go to "Solution Setup => Models" and turn on the "Energy" equation.

Then to apply a temperature to a particular surface, go into Solution Setup => Boundary Conditions. Select the boundary you want (you would have named the parts in ICEM CFD before generating the mesh so it is easy to select them here) and choose "edit". Under edit, there are tabs, go to the Thermal Tab to set up the temps...

You can do the same for zones, but you need to turn on the "Fixed Values" option so you can set the temp.

If you can't find it, just try a fluent CHT (conjugate heat transfer) tutorial and you should be all set.

Best regards,

cfdjunkie September 18, 2012 21:35

Thanks for replying. I did exactly as you said but now it shows an error which reads something like "Divergence detected in AMG: pressure correction". Also I cannot seem to find the conjugate heat transfer tutorial you were talking about. If you could please reply me the link for the tutorial for both ICEM CFD and Fluent, it would be a great help.
Thank you again.

diamondx September 18, 2012 21:53

that error can mean a lot, probably bad setting of boundary condition ?...
if you adress your problem in the fluent section of cfd-online you might get more help than here.
Cornell university has very good cfd modules to start, some include heat transfer and convection.
fluent's tutorial are available through ansys's website in the customer portal. if you don"t have an account you can register, you just need your customer number, the way i get is by starting icem cfd...
or you can google "tutorial fluent heat transfer" i'm sure you'll find something...
Good luck

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