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energy382 September 17, 2012 04:43

Centrifugal pump
Hi guys,

some issues about simulating a centrifugal pump. I'll start with the frozen-rotor-interface to receive a good initialization for transient simulation (sliding mesh).

I'll also regard leakage flow and side space flow (on pressure side). Impeller will be meshed with Turbogrid (big thx to far!), volute and side space with ICEM Hexa.

1. Do I first have to import turbogrid mesh into ICEM (that means, make blocking from turbogrid-mesh etc.) to merge the meshes or is it just fine to import the meshes in CFX-Pre with a GGI?!

2. To use the frozen-rotor-model, is it better to disregard leakage and side space flow (pressure side) as the model doesn't regard transient effects and secondary flows at the interface?

3. Rotational Offset: is it better to apply a domain rotation in CFX-Pre and create new solver input files each time or to use rotational offset in CFD-Post?

4. Regarding side space and leakage flow: what's the best approach?
To define rotor stator interface on the passage between impeller and side space and then connect side space mesh with volute mesh via GGI?

sorry for the extensive posting. But it's the first time I have to deal with different meshes (normally I only mesh with ICEM) and side space/leakage flow.

Hope some of you guys can give me some advice.


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