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Danath September 17, 2012 13:13

Meshing Geometry
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i want to mesh the geometry in the picture parallel .

I want to make boundary layer as dense as i can and the center of each volume thin.

how can i do that ?

i try to size every edge on my geometry but the results was not so good because there was skewness parallel 2

Danath September 18, 2012 07:56

today i try to mesh the geometry with sweep method and inflation.

How can i choose the common face between merged volumes ?

diamondx September 18, 2012 09:41

i can't help you much with ansys meshing. everything i know so far is that, if your geometry is made of different parts, you have to select those part in ansys modeler, right click then "form new part", after that in ansys meshing, if you select update mesh, it will generate a random tri elemets. you probably know that...
You can select you bodies individually, right button, then insert method, when i mesh tubes, i usually select the multizone method, you can do that for those two tubes you have, after inserting the method, insert face mapped mesh, then select the round faces of the tubes, bottom and upper face. and in the general mesh parameter, insert inflation too. i hope this link will help:

in another hand, this geometry is easy to block in ICEM CFD, i can help with it...

Danath September 18, 2012 16:38

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thanks for your help diamondx!

Finally i hide the body that hide the face. i use sweep method and inflation. Now i want break the side into more pieces (now there are three pieces)

how can i do that ?

diamondx September 18, 2012 16:41

if you wanna break the bodies into more pieces, you need to go back to ansys designmodeler and use the slice option in "create." you need to frozen you bodies so you can do that...

Danath September 18, 2012 16:59

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Sorry i was not clear !

i want to make more domains on each side now i have 3 domains at x direction

diamondx September 18, 2012 17:19

oh ok, now you go to mesh, click with right button, insert - sizing, select that edge , then in details you can select number of division and give how many elements you want there

diamondx September 18, 2012 18:07

attention i can see there is no connection between nodes. make sure your part are formed in one part in design modeler

Danath September 18, 2012 18:18

thanks a lot!

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