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jwillie2000 September 26, 2012 08:44

Want to import a star-ccm+ mesh into Fluent
Hi Everyone,

I am looking at the possibility of creating a mesh in star-ccm+ and then importing it into Fluent. Any one on this forum with an idea of how that can be done? Is there a format i could save it in to enable me to bring it into Fluent? Your thoughts and suggestions would be highly appreciated.


PSYMN September 28, 2012 11:28

I am sure there are common formats between the two, but I am not sure what export options CCM+ provides. If you want to list the options here, I can tell you which ones are available as Fluent inputs... (or you could just look at the Fluent import options yourself).

It is pretty straight forward if you are dealing with conventional elements (hexa/tetra/prism), but you may have more trouble finding a mutual format to support the transfer of polyhedral mesh... (I have never heard of anyone doing it)

Also, the polymesh that Star creates is not always great quality. The solver can handle it because it just turns off those poor quality cells (just doesn't solve them) if they start to be a problem. Fluent solves poly meshes, but with some minimal quality requirements that the ANSYS brand meshers are designed to meet.

Why the hybrid approach?

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