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diamondx September 28, 2012 11:13

small problem with icem
Good morning,
the picture below represent my square surface with a hole in the middle.
The hole is there because a tube passes through them. (fins of heat exchanger)

After i find a solution to my problem on how to mesh that.
I still want to make sure if the build topology was correctly done or not.
In the picture the edges appears in blue which is good. surfaces of fins are meeting with surface of tube.
When i make a hundreds of those fins. some of them appears in yellow. actually half in yellow and half in blue. i'm sure that the surface in designmodler are meeting and a joint is created there. is it a bug in icem, when i mesh , the mesh apperas good. do i have to worry ?

BrolY October 1, 2012 03:24

Make sur that elements are not overlapping around those curves.
But maybe your min mesh element is enough high to avoid troubles there.

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