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sidd October 2, 2012 19:12

Complicated geometry blocking strategy
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I have a not so straightforward domain for which I have to do a structured mesh. I had usually dealt with 2-D domains till now, so now this one is confusing me.
Attachment 15992
Here is how it looks in ICEM
Attachment 15993

I would appreciate if you guys can share any suggestions about the blocking strategy.

P.S. If structured mesh generation for complicated geometries has already been discussed in the forum at some time kindly let me know. Maybe I am not selecting the right keywords

PSYMN October 3, 2012 13:34

It is really tough actually. I did a spiral blood pump once, but that was with years of experience and some trickery... and it had a simpler round perimeter so I could twist things more easily.

I would not try this one with structured hexa. Solvers are good enough that it is probably not worth the hassle. I highly recommend you try an unstructured method such as tetra prism or cutcel, you can put a finer mesh (to make up for the lack of hexa) and let the solver do the harder work.

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