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yuhehuan October 3, 2012 14:17

prism terminated prematurely in ICEM meshing
Hi, everyone. I have a problem when i generated prism. I can't generate any prim because it is said that "prism terminated prematurely" And I just defined 1 layer prism. I am very confused. Who can help me? Thank you so much!

yuhehuan October 10, 2012 20:53

does anybody know? please!

diamondx October 10, 2012 21:00

before generating prism , i always make sure my mesh is very clean and of a good quality... make sure you defined the right parts and also make sure you have realistic size of the first layer...can you post some picture of where you would like to add prism ?

yuhehuan October 10, 2012 22:16

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Firstly, many thanks to your reply. yes. I attached my igs file and the project fliei am working on ICEM. I think it's the problem of the geometry. But I really not sure what is a good geometry before mesh. I want to use unstructed mesh. Could you give me a favor? I will appreciate!

diamondx October 10, 2012 22:50

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ok, very weird geometry :D, may i ask what are you trying to model ???
Your inlet and outlet are just too close too each others, you may get a lot of error in your solver. you attached two files, iges and your project files. Upon opening your project files in icem, you geometry was not clean, what i mean by that, you have an open surface. this is why you need to click on "build topology", that tool can serve you as a guide and let you know if you have lonely curves, useless points, and holes in your surfaces.i guess you didn't use.
but the iges file looks ok, why you didn't use that one ???
I noticed you also didn't create any body... you need to create a body, you can call it "air" for example, your body has to be inside your geometry so icem can know that you are trying to mesh the inside. and how it can know that inside ? that's the reason why you have to close your surfaces.
you said you had problems with generating prism, was you initial volume mesh well created ? i doubt since you have holes.
I attached your project files , i have cleaned your geometry, and added the body "air" you're good to go for generating a nice mesh.
if you are stuck they are tutorials in icem on how to generate a tetra mesh, look up for the "valve" tutorial or the "engine" tutorial they both teach you how to perform geometry cleaning and volume meshing.
Also use the help, you can get a lot of information from there. Good luck and come back when you are stuck, we will help you for sure.

yuhehuan October 11, 2012 00:19

Hi. thank you for your long reply! I just import the igs file into the ICEM. And I constructed a body. I think there is no hole in my geometry. Because the tetro mesh is regular, but the quality is just 0.4. And i found the grometry you gave me has no surface. need i generate surface again?


yuhehuan October 11, 2012 02:18

this is the mesh i generated.

yuhehuan October 11, 2012 02:19

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this is the mesh i generated.

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