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wesam October 4, 2012 16:08

please see the picture and help me
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I want to make a c_grid like in the pic..but i have a problems with it.
the steps (gambit)

1- create a vertex of airfoil NASA 0012 .OK
2- connect the vertex of airfoil using (NURBS) command. OK
3- create a 3 vertex for far field and create the edge and cone. OK
4- connect the edge and cone.
5- split the edges of airfoil (upper surface,lower surface).OK
6- create the faces.OK
7- subtract the faces. (( NOT OK ))

in picture you see the vertical yellow lines connected with yellow cones (mesh) how ?????????
in picture (3 edges) and (3 vertex) how?????????
The position of vertex 3. why ??????

please help me

thank you

-mAx- October 5, 2012 01:10

can you put a picture of your mesh (zoomed in airfoil area)
Basically you need to create the cone face, and also the airfoil face (this face is representing the solid part of your airfoil)
Then substract the cone with the airfoil and you will get the fluid domain with an hollow in place where the solid airfoil was.
Once it is done, you can start splitting your domain, for C-Grid

-mAx- October 17, 2012 01:18

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ok you can decompose your domain like in the picture
Then you need to modify vertex type on each surface for being able to apply mappable mesh (all 4 vertex have to be set as End)

Then you can mesh the 4 subdomains.
You can apply a desired Boundary Layer (or adjusting the mesh distribution on edges (as I did --> It is not clean and you have to be more fine on airfoil. For that you need to estimate your y+) )
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